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  • Thinknx Audiofy P4 4 zones audio amplifier

    Thinknx Audiofy P4 4 zones audio amplifier

    It permits to spread music coming from the 2 analog inputs or from the 4 internal players to 4 amplified outputs (expandable to 32).

    Box Dimensions:

    • 4x internal network player
    • 2x single ended inputs
    • 4x amplified stereo outputs (50W stereo per output on 4 Ohm speakers)
    • 1x Ethernet port
    • 1x EIB/KNX TP port
    • 1x front USB port + 1x back USB port
    • Power: 100-240 VAC 200W Max


    2 052.00 €
  • Thinknx Envision 7 Touch server 7" KNX ENVISION7R_20

    Thinknx Envision 7 Touch server KNX ENVISION7R_20

     Touch Server 7" Retrofit with unlimited clients + Temperature, humidity and ambience luminosity
    sensors + IR Trans + Report till 20MB + Voice Control + IoT license + VAI2 (Access control 2

    For mounting on wall boxes AGRO art. 9926.90.

    For mounting with frame.

    For power supply 24VDC 60W.

    For upgrades Sonos, Philips HUE, .....


    Envision Touch Server is an all-in-one Touch Server able to grant the comfort of a touch user interface and the powerful features of a ThinKnx server, all in one device.
    Through Envision, the end user is able to control all the installed devices, thanks to the comfortable touch screen with a low power consumption.
    The main feature of the Envision touch server is the bidirectional interaction between KNX protocol and all other supported devices, such as Philips Hue, MyHome BTicino, Z-Wave, Modbus e Lutron.
    Its built-in sensor board, loudspeaker and microphone enable the use of Envision as doorcom unit and thermostat at the same time.
    Thanks to the integration of third-party systems, Envision can also be used as indoor station for the anti-theft system.
    One single device for multiple interactions.

    Technical features:
    • Octa-core Cortex A53 CPU
    • Capacitive touch screen 7.0” TFT, visible area 155x87mm, 1024x600 resolution
    • Suite Thinknx PRO
    • Linux operating system
    • KNX net/IP interface/router
    • 1x native EIB/KNX port with direct connection through clips
    • 1x network port
    • 1x USB port
    • 1x RS232 port
    • 1x RS485 port
    • Consumption 10W Max
    • Temperature sensor
    • Humidity sensor
    • Ambience luminosity sensor
    • Power: 12-24VDC – 1.5A Max (power supply not included)



    1 498.00 €
  • ThinKnx Micro server KNX MICRO_20

    ThinKnx Micro serveur KNX MICRO_20

    Completely restyled in its drive electronics, Micro has become a more powerful device, even more performing. Native KNX, it enables the user to control lights, blinds, thermostat and all the available functionalities of a professional automation plant.
    It is able to elaborate complex logic operations on the data read by KNX bus. Recorded data can also be stored and visualized through charts on the client’s application, or sent via e-mail. The use of IR transmitters allows to control TVs and different multimedia devices through smart phones or tablets. It provides integration for IP doorcoms, Philips Hue and MyHome BTicino. The power supply is included.

    Box Dimensions

    Technical features:
    • Fanless processing device optimized for continuous operation
    • Suite Thinknx PRO
    • Linux operating system
    • Internal solid state memory
    • Powerful multicore CPU
    • 1x KNX TP port
    • 1x Ethernet 10/100 port
    • 1x USB port
    • KNX net/IP interface/router
    • Real time internal clock
    • KNX traffic led
    • Power 9-24Vdc (power supply included)
    • Desktop mounting

    1 233.00 €