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  • KNX cable 2x2x0.8mm inside LSHF green 100 ml 31000502H

    KNX CABLE 2x2x0.8mm inside LSHFVERT

    • Enables communication between KNX participants.
    • 100 m crown.
    • Its shielding allows it to be routed without constraints, and can be passed through the same conduits as the 230V network.

    120.00 €
  • TRIVUM Flush-mounted box for touchPad In-wall box

    Built-in box for touchPad

    Allows the touch pad to be recessed into a wall

    Dimensions of the box

    W: 104mm / H:82mm / D:62mm

    Dimension of the box with the tab

    W: 104mm / H:100mm / D:62mm

    32.40 €