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Usb sockets

  • JUNG Dual USB Wall Charger 15 CA

    Wall charger with 1 USB type A and 1 USB type C sockets delivering a voltage of 5V DC and a maximal current of 3000mA.

    Ideal for charging the iPhone, iPad or iPod, all smartphones, phones and touch tablets, as well as all mobile devices charging via USB cable in general.

    Mechanism sold alone, can be used with the LS range of frames and covers.

    53.00 €
  • JUNG 1520F socket with charger USB type A and type C

    JUNG 1520F socket with charger USB type A and type C

    2-pole + male earth pin, 16 A / 250 V ~
    CEE 7/5
    with enhanced contact protection / shutter (Safety Plus)
    with 1 USB port type A and 1 USB port type C
    with screwless terminals for rigid and untreated flexible wires up to 2.5 mm2

    Installation in flush box with dimensions according to DIN 49073
    depth of flush box (inner dimension): min. 57 mm

    94.00 €
  • Zennio ZS55 - mechanism Dual USB Charger - 8300007

    Zennio ZS55 - mechanism Dual USB Charger  - 8300007

    ZS55 is the Zennio series of 55 x 55 mm switches and sockets. They have an elegant and timeless design. They are flush fitting with frames and a perfect integration with capacitive switches Flat 55 and Tecla 55.

    compatible frame ZS55.

    compaible cover ZS55.

    Technical features:

    • Nominal voltage: 100 - 240 V ~
    • Output voltage: 5 V DC
    • Output current: 3.5 A @ 240 V AC
    • Standby power consumption < 0.05 W
    • Screw terminals
    • Screw fixing. Claws are optional


    42.00 €