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Thinknx Envision 7 Touch server 7" KNX ENVISION7R_20



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Thinknx Envision 7 Touch server KNX ENVISION7R_20

 Touch Server 7" Retrofit with unlimited clients + Temperature, humidity and ambience luminosity
sensors + IR Trans + Report till 20MB + Voice Control + IoT license + VAI2 (Access control 2

For mounting on wall boxes AGRO art. 9926.90.

For mounting with frame.

For power supply 24VDC 60W.

For upgrades Sonos, Philips HUE, .....


Envision Touch Server is an all-in-one Touch Server able to grant the comfort of a touch user interface and the powerful features of a ThinKnx server, all in one device.
Through Envision, the end user is able to control all the installed devices, thanks to the comfortable touch screen with a low power consumption.
The main feature of the Envision touch server is the bidirectional interaction between KNX protocol and all other supported devices, such as Philips Hue, MyHome BTicino, Z-Wave, Modbus e Lutron.
Its built-in sensor board, loudspeaker and microphone enable the use of Envision as doorcom unit and thermostat at the same time.
Thanks to the integration of third-party systems, Envision can also be used as indoor station for the anti-theft system.
One single device for multiple interactions.

Technical features:
• Octa-core Cortex A53 CPU
• Capacitive touch screen 7.0” TFT, visible area 155x87mm, 1024x600 resolution
• Suite Thinknx PRO
• Linux operating system
• KNX net/IP interface/router
• 1x native EIB/KNX port with direct connection through clips
• 1x network port
• 1x USB port
• 1x RS232 port
• 1x RS485 port
• Consumption 10W Max
• Temperature sensor
• Humidity sensor
• Ambience luminosity sensor
• Power: 12-24VDC – 1.5A Max (power supply not included)



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