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Zennio Flat 55 with Display v2 ZVIF55DV2

Ref.: ZVIF55DV2


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This device requires a customization through the zennio Touch-MyDesign tool. After ordering this product, please send us your personalization reference by email to

Zennio Flat 55 with Display v2 ZVIF55DV2

Backlit capacitive touch panel with round display in Flat 55 family (standard frames 55 x 55 mm), with proximity sensor, flat design, with total customisation. Flush fitting with Zennio ZS55 frames, switches and sockets. Anyone can create unique compositions, including images, icons, texts or logos, which are printed on a high-strength tempered glass. Room control is simple with the 4 buttons available and up to 4 indicators can be shown on its central display. The backlit icons for buttons regulate their brightness with the included ambient luminosity sensor and attenuate when the user is not detected by the proximity sensor. Flat 55 Display v2 includes a thermostat, as well as 2 analog-digital inputs that may be configured for potential-free sensors and push buttons, temperature probes or motion sensors. Installation in standard mounting box with 55 x 55 frames of 1/2/3/4 modules (white, gloss white, anthracite or silver). Accessories: temperature probe (included) and motion sensor. Frame not included.

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