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Schneider-D-Life-Dynamics-KNX-Universal Module-MTN619X-6010

Ref.: MTN619X-6010


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 Schneider-D-Life-Dynamics-KNX-Universal Module-MTN619X-6010


Frame sold separately


Buttons covers sold separately

-Large Rocker - Compatible with 2-button and 8-button module.

-2gang Median Rocker - Compatible with 4-button and 8-button module.

-1gang Median Rocker-2gang Small Rocker - Compatible with 6-button and 8-button module.

-4gang small Rocker - Compatible with  8-button module.


- The KNX dynamic display pushbutton can be equipped with 2 to 8 buttons on which different functions can be set.
- The functions and the associated labelling (text and symbol) are configured in ETS (5 or 6) or eConfigure KNX and displayed accordingly on the screen.
displayed accordingly on the screen.

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