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Interra black Just Touch ITR328-1001

Ref.: ITR328-1001


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Interra Just Touch ITR328-1001 : 

• Pushbutton has Switching, toggle, dimming, shutter/blinds, thermostat controls, scenes, value, 2 channels, step switching mode features.
• Locking feature available for each button and complete device
• On/Off (2-points) and Proportional (Continuous or PWM) thermostat functions.
• Comfort, standby, economy and building protection operating modes.
• Manual or Automatic switching between Heating and Cooling modes.
• Temperature measuring through integrated sensor with possibility of sending the value on change and periodically to the bus.
• Temperature (measured, external, setpoint, outdoor values as ºC), CO2 concentration (from bus), humidity percentage, operating modes, fan levels, on/off indicators, warnings and locking status are displayed on screen.
• Fan controller available with different speed indicators.
• Relative humidity measuring through the integrated sensor with possibility of sending the value on the bus.
• Threshold alarm define for temperature, humidity and air quality levels.
• RGB LED control.

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