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  • JUNG 1280mA KNX power supply 21280REG

    JUNG 1280mA KNX power supply 21280REG

    Rail mounting device, 6 rail units
    ETS product family: System components
    Product type: Power supply

    Intended use

    • Supplying KNX devices with bus voltage
    • Supplying devices with DC voltage
    • Mounting on DIN rail according to EN 60715 in distribution box

    Product characteristics

    • Output with integrated choke for supplying KNX bus lines
    • Output DC 30 V for supplying additional devices
    • Nominal current can be subdivided to outputs as desired
    • Reset button
    • Short-circuit proof
    • Overvoltage proof
    • No-load protection
    • Suitable for operation in systems with emergency power supply
    • Floating signal contact for operating and diagnostic message



    345.00 €
  • JUNG 1520F socket with charger USB type A and type C

    JUNG 1520F socket with charger USB type A and type C

    2-pole + male earth pin, 16 A / 250 V ~
    CEE 7/5
    with enhanced contact protection / shutter (Safety Plus)
    with 1 USB port type A and 1 USB port type C
    with screwless terminals for rigid and untreated flexible wires up to 2.5 mm2

    Installation in flush box with dimensions according to DIN 49073
    depth of flush box (inner dimension): min. 57 mm

    94.00 €
  • JUNG 2 channels KNX dimmer actuator 2x300W 3902REGHE

    KNX universal LED dimmer actuator, 2 outputs

     2 x 300W outputs for incandescent lamps 230 V or 4 x 7 to 50 W outputs for 230 V LED lamps 
    ETS product family: Lighting
    Type: Dimmer

    Intended use

    Switching and variation:

    • incandescent lamps
    • HV halogen lamps
    • Tronic transformers with halogen lamps
    • variable inductive transformers with halogen or LED lamps
    • HT LED lamps
    • compact fluorescent lamps
    • Mounting on DIN rail in a sub-distributor according to EN 60715

    Product features

    • Automatic or manual selection of the variation principle adapted to the load
    • Secure against no-load operation, short circuits and overheating
    • Short circuit message
    • Manually controllable outputs
    • Return of the switching state and the change value
    • Parameterizable variation and activation
    • Timer functions: switch-on delay, switch-off delay, staircase light switch and warning function Light scene operation
    • Locking of individual outputs manually or by bus
    • LED status display of the outputs
    • Operating hours counter
    • A power failure longer than approx. 5 seconds will deactivate the dimming actuator. Depending on the parameter setting, the connected load is measured again after the mains voltage is restored.

    286.00 €
  • JUNG 2-gang push-button 230V 539U

    JUNG 2-gang push-button  230V 539U

    To complete your button, you need a simple cover and a finishing frame. Below is the list of availability in our catalogue :

    - simple

    - duplicate

    - triple

    - quadruple

    - quintuple

    20.40 €
  • JUNG 2-gang rocker

    2-gang rocker

    • For 2-gang switch
    • For 2-gang control switch
    • For 2-gang push button
    • Spare part: mounting clip

    2-gang rocker available in different colours:

    • Ivory
    • Black
    • Light grey
    • White
    • Titanium
    • Stainless steel
    • Dark
    • Aluminium
    • Matt black 9005
    • Frosted matte black
    • Light rust
    • Frosted rust


    plastic base for the colours: ivory, black, light grey, white.
    aluminium base for the colours:titanium, Dark, aluminium, matt black 9005, frosted matt black, light rust, frosted rust.
    Stainless steel base for stainless steel finish.

    7.30 €
  • JUNG 551WU Sealing gasket

    Sealing gasket

    • Achieves protection class IP 44.
    • Can be used with all 500 series mechanisms, rotary and timer switches, with covers marked with a blue square "IP 44".
    • If necessary, to be completed with sealing element according to the device description.

    2.60 €
  • JUNG Amplifier LED ULZ1755REG

    JUNG Amplifier LED ULZ1755REG


    rail mounting device, 2 rail units

    Intended use

    • Power extension of the listed dimmers (ref.-no.: UD 1755 REG, 1730 DD, 1731 DD, 1710 DE, 1711 DE, 1712 DE, FM UD 20250 UP, FM UD 5500 REG, FM UD 420250 REG, 3901 REGHE, 3902 REGHE, 39004 1S R)
    • Mounting on DIN rail according to EN 60715 in distribution box

    Product characteristics

    • Connection of several amplifiers to a single dimmer
    • The total power of the connected loads is divided between the dimmer and amplifiers
    • Power is supplied to the connected loads via a common power cable
    • Operation using upstream dimmer
    • Electronic over-temperature protection
    • Optional accessory: compensation module LED, ref.-no.: KM LED 230 U

    184.00 €