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Thinknx Audiofy P4 4 zones audio amplifier

Ref.: Audiofy P4


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Audiofy is the simple yet powerful integrated multiroom professional audio system created by Thinknx. Only one device combines audio matrix routing, power amplifiers for each output and up to four independent network players. It is also fully confugrable via web. The system permits to spread audio contents from external analog sources or from internal players towards up to 32 rooms with superior pure sound quality.

It permits to spread music coming from 2 analog inputs or from the 4 internal player to 4 amplified outputs (expandable to 32).

4x internal network player
2x single ended inputs
4x amplified stereo out
1x ethernet port


1x EIB/KNX TP port
2x USB port
Power 100-240 VAC 200W max

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