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Theben theRonda S360 KNX FLAT DE WH 2089560

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Theben theRonda S360 KNX FLAT DE WH 2089560

  • Passive infra-red presence detector KNX for ceiling installation
  • Circular detection area 360°,Ø 8 m, (50 m2 ) at mounting height 3 m
  • 2 channels light and 2 channels presence
  • Mixed light measurement
  • 2 light channels C1, C2
  • Switching operation or constant light control with standby function (orientation light)
  • Switching mode with dimmable lighting
  • Choice of fully or semi-automatic
  • Brightness switching value or set point value can be set in lux by using parameters or via the object
  • Teach-in of the brightness switching value or the set point value
  • Reduction of time delay when present briefly (short-term presence)
  • Manual override by telegram or remote control
  • 2 presence channels C4, C5, individually configurable
  • Switch-on delay and time delay configurable
  • Setting the room correction factor for brightness measurement comparison
  • Adjustable sensitivity
  • Test mode for checking function and detection area
  • Scenes
  • Parallel switching of multiple presence detectors (Master/Slave or Master/Master)

  • Additional informations : Warning, this product is not plug and play, it requires programming with ETS4 or ETS5 software. LIGHT & DOMOTIQUE can handle this programming if you wish, please contact us first to get a quote.
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