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Interra DMX Gateway ITR831-001

Ref.: ITR831-001


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Interra DMX Gateway ITR831-001 : 

Functions : 

  • 3 working modes: DMX recorder mode, DMX dimming mode (KNX to DMX) and DMX to KNX conversion mode (1bit, 1byte datapoint)
  • Supported communication signal: DMX512-1990, ArtNet DMX
  • Store and playback up to 24 programs, maximum recording time : 4 hours
  • DMX recorder mode supports switching and dimming up to 48 channels, which means controlling DMX device via KNX system.
  • DMX to KNX conversion mode supports switching and absolute dimming via DMX signal for up to 48 channels, which means controlling KNX system via DMX storage control function.
  • DMX output signal can be used to control devices with built-in DMX protocol port for LED color control, such as computer light, moving head light, laser light, etc.
  • DMX input control functions for KNX system include:Sequence control, Scene control, Switch control, Relative dimming, Absolute dimming.

Requires a 24V power supply (example: L&D 15W 24V power supply)

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