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Interra 2 channels DALI Gateway ITR832-002

Ref.: ITR832-002


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Description : 

  • The ITR832-002 dual channels KNX-DALI interface device is used to provide interface between DALI and KNX installations, enabling communication between the two protocols.
  • DALI devices (ballasts, etc. ECGs) connected to the line are supplied with the internal DALI power supply.
  • Up to 2x64 DALI ballasts can be connected to the ITR832-002.
  • With each DALI channel, 16 groups, 16 scenarios and 64 devices can be controlled. In addition, independent emergency lighting according to EN 62386-202 will be supported with the 2nd version update. Emergency lighting tests (eg function and time test) can be triggered via the KNX line. In addition, feedback on the KNX line can be sent. Each DALI device can be controlled by individually, group or broadcast control.

General functions : 

  • Automatic DALI Device Addressing.
  • Switching, dimming and brightness configure
  • Scene configure
  • KNX Bus Voltage Failure Status.
  • KNX Voltage Recovery Status.
  • DALI Bus Voltage Failure Status.
  • DALI Voltage Recovery Status.
  • Ballast and / or Lighting Error.
  • Working log analysis with UDP.
  • Broadcast control can be made with manually and software.
  • Tunable White colour temperature control.
  • RGB and RGBW colour control.

Comminssionning functions : 

  • Addressing operations can be done via ETS or manual buttons as short address assignment.
  • Assigning group adresses to ballasts via ETS without need additional software.
  • Faulty ballast detection. 
  • Faulty lighting detection.
  • DALI line device selection with manual button.
  • Remote software update via Ethernet connection.

Safety precautions and important notes : 

  • The device may only be installed and put into operation by a qualified electrician or authorized personnel.
  • For planning and construction of electric installations the appropriate specifications, guidelines and regulations in force of the respective country have to be complied.
  • Special Programming: This device is designed for professional KNX and DALI installation. It can be programmed by ETS and Web Browser.
  • Cable Connections: Ensure making correct connections for Black and Red wires.
  • Input Voltage: The input voltage shall be 100-240 VAC.
  • Installation only in dry locations and on a 35 mm DIN rail (TH 35).
  • For mounting only use an appropriate equipment according to IEC 60715.
  • Rain, liquid and aggressive gas should not allowed to be close to device.
  • Screw down strength is less than 0.4Nm. 
  • Do net get AC 240 V voltage into Bus lines, it can damage all of devices in system.


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