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Zennio Z40 Capacitive touch panel with a 4.1” display ZVIZ40



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Zennio Z40 Capacitive touch panel with a 4.1” display ZVIZ40A  ZVIZ40S  ZVIZ40W

Update ETS5 with the last version in order to be able to import the product.

Capacitive touch panel with a backlit 4.1" display, proximity sensor, internal temperature probe and two independent thermostats. 56 control points/buttons divided over 7 pages. The built-in proximity sensor makes the screensaver (image, time and date and/or temperature) appear when the touch panel is not being used and the luminosity sensor adjusts the brightness automatically. 4 analog-digital inputs included to be configured as binary inputs, sensors, push buttons, temperature probes or motion detectors.

Zxx Image Dowloader (DCA)

This application allows the download of custom images to be used as screensaver in Zennio Z35, Z35 H and Z40 touch panels.
The image dimensions must be 320x240 pixels. Supported formats: png, .jpg, .jpeg and .bmp.


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