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Jung-KNX RF radio hand-held transmitter-HS4RF

Ref.: HS4RF


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Jung-KNX RF radio hand-held transmitter-HS4RF

Project design and commissioning with ETS5 or a more recent version

Intended use
  • Radio operation of loads, e.g. light on/off, dimming, Venetian blinds up/down, brightness values,
    calling up and saving light scenes
  • Operation in cabled KNX systems via radio converter (ref.-no.: MK 100 RF)

Product characteristics
  • Push-button functions switching, dimming, controlling blinds, value transmitter, calling up light scenes etc.
  • Button pairs for push-button function or rocker function
  • Two-colour LED to display actuation, sending status and actuator feedback
  • Battery-powered device

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