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Zennio Z41 Lite capacitive colour touch screen display KNX ZVI-Z41LIT

Ref.: ZVI-Z41LIT


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This capacitive touch screen is very innovative for the technical management of the building. Its minimalist design, dominated by simple, flat shapes, which can be oriented in portrait or landscape format, allows it to integrate very naturally into all interior rooms in the living or working environment.

Its 4.1" screen (3x4) in colour makes it easy to use and allows for distributed communication throughout the building.


  • Weight : 0,23 kg
  • Size (W/H/L) mm : 90/123/41
  • Colours : White, Black, Silver
  • Command keys : up to 48
  • Screen size (inches) : 4,1
  • Power supply : 12-29V
  • Connections : KNX Bus, Mini USB
  • Functions : Thermostat
  • Measure : Temperature
  • Integrated probe : Temperature
  • Additional informations : Warning, this product is not plug and play, it requires programming with ETS4 or ETS5 software. LIGHT & DOMOTIQUE can handle this programming if you wish, please contact us first to get a quote.
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