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  • Zennio Z35 Capacitive touch panel with a 3.5” display ZVI-Z35

    Capacitive touch panel with a backlit 3.5” display, proximity sensor, internal temperature probe and thermostat for two independent areas. It is able to contain up to 56 controls/indicators, distributed in up to 7 pages with a navigation menu. A screensaver with an image, date, time and/or temperature is set when the touch panel is not in use and the menu is shown automatically when the user approaches, thanks to the proximity sensor. Its brightness is regulated by the ambient luminosity sensor included. In addition, it incorporates 4 analog-digital inputs that may be configured as binary inputs for sensors and potential-free push buttons, as temperature probe inputs or as motion sensor inputs. Available in White, Anthracite and Silver. Accessories: temperature probe, motion sensor.

    254.00 €
  • Interra black Just Touch ITR328-1001

    Interra Just Touch ITR328-1001 : 

    • Pushbutton has Switching, toggle, dimming, shutter/blinds, thermostat controls, scenes, value, 2 channels, step switching mode features.
    • Locking feature available for each button and complete device
    • On/Off (2-points) and Proportional (Continuous or PWM) thermostat functions.
    • Comfort, standby, economy and building protection operating modes.
    • Manual or Automatic switching between Heating and Cooling modes.
    • Temperature measuring through integrated sensor with possibility of sending the value on change and periodically to the bus.
    • Temperature (measured, external, setpoint, outdoor values as ºC), CO2 concentration (from bus), humidity percentage, operating modes, fan levels, on/off indicators, warnings and locking status are displayed on screen.
    • Fan controller available with different speed indicators.
    • Relative humidity measuring through the integrated sensor with possibility of sending the value on the bus.
    • Threshold alarm define for temperature, humidity and air quality levels.
    • RGB LED control.

    380.00 €
  • Zennio Z70 v2 Color capacitive touch panel with 7" display ZVIZ70V2

    Zennio Z70 : 


    Color capacitive touch panel with 7" display for total control in smart homes and hotel rooms in a minimalist aesthetic environment. The built-in proximity sensor makes the screensaver appear when the touch panel is not being used and the luminosity sensor adjusts the brightness automatically. Z70 v2 incorporates an internal temperature probe, 2 thermostats and 4 analog-digital inputs. It includes USB and Ethernet port for program update. Installation in european/english standard double back box.

    Advanced features can be activated with the following licenses:

    • Smartphone Control License – Remote control from smartphones and tablets through a mobile app (Ref. 8500006).
      • Versions:
        • Zennio Remote APP (Android): available
        • Zennio Remote APP (iOS): available
    • Video Intercom License – Integration with the video intercom Zennio GetFace IP (Ref. 8500007).
    • ZenCom app License - Receive calls from Zennio GetFace IP (Ref. 8500002)

    Associated accessories:

    815.00 €
  • Theben thePixa P360 KNX UP WH Presence detector 2269200

    Theben thePixa P360 KNX UP WH : 

    • Optical presence detector for ceiling installation
    • KNX Data Secure
    • Rectangular detection area with up to 6 flexible detection zones (Total area 11.0 x 15.5 m │171 m2; at 4.5 m installation height)
    • Restriction of the detection area via app (thePixa Plug)
    • Automatic presence and brightness-dependent control for lighting and HVAC
    • Each detection zone has its own light measurement
    • Adjustment of brightness measurements via thePixa Plug app
    • Configurable sensitivity of sensor
    • Distinction between motion and presence
    • Parallel switching of multiple presence detectors (Master/Slave or Master/Master)

    270.00 €