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  • Schneider - KNX - Touch Screen - 4 ''- MTN6215-0410

    Schneider - KNX - Touch Screen - 4 ''- MTN6215-0410

    SpaceLogic KNX, 4 inch touch screen, control and display.

    Exclusively delivered with a black frame.

    Schneider Electrice's 4" touch screen is the nerve centre of your connected space. Simplified control of all connected systems: lights, blinds, ventilation, underfloor heating. This 4" screen can be installed in the same way as a D-Life range device. This product consists of a customisable 4" touch screen displaying widgets, with an integrated temperature sensor. Up to 9 customisable screens display widgets, allowing you to choose from a multitude of function combinations. The screen comes to life at the slightest movement thanks to its proximity sensor. Its built-in temperature sensor can be used as a thermostat. Its sleek, elegant design blends in perfectly with modern installations. This product is Green Premium certified.

    258.00 €
  • CJC - LUCIA - KNX - 4 way - CJC7204

    CJC - LUCIA - KNX - 4 way - CJC7204

    Delivery time 8 weeks, manufactured to order.

    The LUCIA collection exists in three touch pad configurations. Besides the single touch pad, also a 2 and 4 touch pad version will be available. The
    switches can be used with impulse relays (installed in the electrical board) or with different brands of home automation systems and with a KNX system.
    The touch pads are able to detect several gestures from the user and process them into different outgoing signals:
    • Single short tap (e.g. turning on/off)
    • Single long tap (e.g. dimming, enter into another function, …)
    • Double tap (e.g. )
    • Sliding (e.g. dimming, moving to another function,…)
    The touch pads are translucent and are able to generate feedback light by RGB-leds, e.g.
    • On/off
    • Orientation

    CJC-Colours 2023

    510.00 €
  • Jung KNX LED controller 5 Ways - 390051SLEDR

    Jung KNX LED controller 5 Ways - 390051SLEDR

    rail mounting device, 4 rail units
    with manual electronic operation and LED status indication
    Project design and commissioning with ETS5 or a more recent version
    ETS product family: Illumination
    Product type: Dimmer

    Intended use
    Dimmer for controlling LEDs, LED modules, LED spots, halogen lamps and incandescent lamps with 5 V ... 48 V (pulse width-modulated PWM)
    Mounting on DIN rail according to EN 60715 in distribution box
    Product characteristics
    Dimmer for colour temperature and coloured light control (RGB/HSV)
    Different dimming characteristics settable (soft dimming, deep-down dimming)
    PWM frequency settable (211 ... 1200 Hz)
    Commissioning with display support
    Free configuration of the channels
    Integrated scenes and bit scenes
    Predefined and freely-definable sequences
    Time-controller dimming or Human Centric Lighting (HCL)
    Staircase lighting function
    Disabling function
    Measurement and meter function
    Diagnosis/indication of protection function via KNX group addresses and on display
    Electronic over-temperature protection
    Protection function for LED modules and power supply
    KNX Data Secure compatible with ETS 5.7.3 or higher


    322.80 €