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  • Flush mounted variable angle spotlight

    Variable angle spotlight

    • Power: 5 watts
    • Built-in diameter: 60 mm
    • LED Type: Cree COB
    • Manufacturing material: Aluminium
    • Finishing colour: Black/white
    • Voltage/Hz input : AC85-280V/ 50-60 Hz
    • CCT: 3000K
    • Luminous flux: 80 lm/W
    • Viewing angle: 15 to 70 degrees (zoomable)
    • Dimensions: 41.5*89*60 mm
    • Installation: Built-in
    • Warranty: 1 year
    • Weight: 0.288 Kg
    • Non dimmable

    From 54.91 €
  • Zennio Z35 Capacitive touch panel with a 3.5” display_ZVI-Z35-A_ZVI-Z35-S_ZVI-Z35-W

    Zennio Z35 Capacitive touch panel with a 3.5” display ZVI-Z35-A  ZVI-Z35-S  ZVI-Z35-W

    Update ETS5 with the last version in order to be able to import the product.

    Capacitive touch panel with a backlit 3.5" display, proximity sensor, internal temperature probe and two independent thermostats.
    56 control points/buttons divided over 7 pages. The built-in proximity sensor makes the screensaver (image, time and date and/or temperature) appear when the touch panel is not being used and the luminosity sensor adjusts the brightness automatically.
    4 analog-digital inputs included to be configured as binary inputs, sensors, push buttons, temperature probes or motion detectors.


    Zxx Image Downloader (DCA)

    This application allows the download of custom images to be used as screensaver in Zennio Z35, Z35 H and Z40 touch panels.
    The image dimensions must be 320x240 pixels. Supported formats: png, .jpg, .jpeg and .bmp.

     Zennio Parameter Copier

    The ETS App “Zennio Parameter copier” is a tool which helps in the versions update process of Zennio products. This tool allows to copy parameters and group objects associations between different products versions, making the updating process faster.


    This tool is a beta application version which has been published to facilitate maintenance and updating tasks to Zennio clients.

    The copy could not work properly since it depends on the internal application program construction, which can vary between versions just a little bit or a lot, so it is highly recommended to double check it to verify that the copy process has been successful.

    274.00 €
  • Interra DMX Gateway ITR831-001

    Interra DMX Gateway ITR831-001 : 

    Functions : 

    • 3 working modes: DMX recorder mode, DMX dimming mode (KNX to DMX) and DMX to KNX conversion mode (1bit, 1byte datapoint)
    • Supported communication signal: DMX512-1990, ArtNet DMX
    • Store and playback up to 24 programs, maximum recording time : 4 hours
    • DMX recorder mode supports switching and dimming up to 48 channels, which means controlling DMX device via KNX system.
    • DMX to KNX conversion mode supports switching and absolute dimming via DMX signal for up to 48 channels, which means controlling KNX system via DMX storage control function.
    • DMX output signal can be used to control devices with built-in DMX protocol port for LED color control, such as computer light, moving head light, laser light, etc.
    • DMX input control functions for KNX system include:Sequence control, Scene control, Switch control, Relative dimming, Absolute dimming.

    Requires a 24V power supply (example: L&D 15W 24V power supply)

    424.42 €