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  • Trivum up to 3 zones audio amplifier AudioBox P150

    Complete audio solution for up to 3 areas of your home / business

    Access to millions of musics!

    Control of the player by KNX system (optional IP router (IPR)),Touchpad

    Streaming by:

    - NAS

    - AirPlay

    - Internet streaming services

    - Radio via internet

    - DAB+/FM Tuner

    - Bluetooth

    - Line input (RCA)

    - Line input (TOSLink)


    Ability to add an external audio device via line-in (this device requires an output interface)

    Composition: (Inputs)

    - 1x RJ45 Ethernet

    - 1x line input (RCA)

    - 1x line input (TOSLink)

    - 1x FM / DAB tuner + antenna (socket F)

    - 1x WLAN/Bluetooth antenna (SMA socket)

    - 1x power supply 100-240V

    Composition: (Outputs)

    - 1x amplified stereo output

    - 1x stereo line output (RCA)

    - 1x stereo line output (TOSLink)


    Amplifier power: 2x150 watts


    Supported music formats: MP3, AAC, FLAC, M4A, WMA and ALAC


    Quick and easy configuration via web browser. No software or extensions are required.

    This product can be integrated in a KNX system, any push button/touch screen can control it.

    1 172.00 €
  • Zennio Z40 Capacitive touch panel with a 4.1” display ZVIZ40

    Capacitive touch panel with a backlit 4.1" display, proximity sensor, internal temperature probe and two independent thermostats. 56 control points/buttons divided over 7 pages. The built-in proximity sensor makes the screensaver (image, time and date and/or temperature) appear when the touch panel is not being used and the luminosity sensor adjusts the brightness automatically. 4 analog-digital inputs included to be configured as binary inputs, sensors, push buttons, temperature probes or motion detectors.

    278.50 €
  • Interra black Just Touch ITR328-1001

    Interra Just Touch ITR328-1001 : 

    • Pushbutton has Switching, toggle, dimming, shutter/blinds, thermostat controls, scenes, value, 2 channels, step switching mode features.
    • Locking feature available for each button and complete device
    • On/Off (2-points) and Proportional (Continuous or PWM) thermostat functions.
    • Comfort, standby, economy and building protection operating modes.
    • Manual or Automatic switching between Heating and Cooling modes.
    • Temperature measuring through integrated sensor with possibility of sending the value on change and periodically to the bus.
    • Temperature (measured, external, setpoint, outdoor values as ºC), CO2 concentration (from bus), humidity percentage, operating modes, fan levels, on/off indicators, warnings and locking status are displayed on screen.
    • Fan controller available with different speed indicators.
    • Relative humidity measuring through the integrated sensor with possibility of sending the value on the bus.
    • Threshold alarm define for temperature, humidity and air quality levels.
    • RGB LED control.

    380.00 €
  • Zennio inBOX DIM dimmer for flush mounting ZDI-IBD

    Zennio NarrowDIM X4 :

    Universal dimming actuator (RLC, LED, CFL*) for DIN-rail (4.5 units) with 4 channels for up to 210 W at 230 VAC (160 W at 110 VAC). It allows double channel connection, up to 400 W at 230 VAC (300 W at 110 VAC) and quad channel connection to control up to 750 W at 230 VAC (600 W at 110 VAC). Auto load type detection (RLC). Configurable dimming curves for LED and CFL. It allows manual control of its outputs through the push buttons on the cover. It includes 10 independent logical functions. Error detection: short circuit, voltage surge, overheating, anomalous frequency, power failure, parameterization error. *Only dimmable loads.

    274.00 €