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  • Binthen-BCM400D-KNX-Motorized-Curtain


    -Complete KNX/230V motor-track-accessories set

    -7 Variations according to the length of the track :

    - 2.2 ml

    - 3.2 m

    - 4.2 ml

    - 5.2 m

    - 6.2 ml

    - 7.2 ml

    - 8.2 ml

    - 8.2ml> consult us

    528.00 €
  • Zennio Flat Display Capacitive touch panel with display ZVIFDV2

    This device requires a customization through the zennio Touch-MyDesign tool. After ordering this product, please send us your personalization reference by email to

    This switch has full backlit icons. 

    Zennio Flat Display Capacitive touch panel with display ZVIFDV2

    Backlit capacitive touch panel in Flat family, with proximity and humidity sensor, flat design (9 mm) and total customization. Everyone can create unique compositions, including images, icons, texts or logos, which are printed on a high-strength tempered glass. Room control is simple with the 5 buttons available and up to 8 indicators can be shown on its 2.4" display. The backlit icons for buttons regulate their brightness with the included ambient luminosity sensor and attenuate when the user is not detected by the proximity sensor. Flat Display v2 includes internal temperature probe and humidity sensor, as well as a thermostat and 2 analog-digital inputs that may be configured for potential-free sensors and push buttons, temperature probes or motion sensors. Accessories: temperature probe and motion sensor.

    208.00 €
  • Zennio 640mA KNX power KUPSupply ZPSU640

    Zennio 640mA KNX power KUPSupply  ZPSU640

    KNX Universal System Power Supply with additional 29 V DC output. Maximum current 640 mA. 110-240 V ~ 50/60 Hz input voltage. Installation in DIN-rail (4.5 units).

    224.00 €
  • Zennio MAXinBOX SHUTTER 4CH v2 - MAXinBOX SHUTTER 4CH Shutter actuator 4 channels ZIOMBSH4V2-ZIO-MBSHU4

    Zennio MAXinBOX SHUTTER 4CH v2 - MAXinBOX SHUTTER 4CH Shutter actuator 4 channels  ZIOMBSH4V2-ZIO-MBSHU4

    MAXinBOX SHUTTER 4CH v2 is replaced by the previous version  MAXinBOX SHUTTER 4CH

    Check in the PDF Retrieved references & Temporary references in Documents

    The replacement of the product is due to the worldwide out-of-stock situation of components that we are experiencing and that forced us to change the microcontroller by another of the same model but different capacity to ensure the continuity of deliveries.

    Shutter actuator for DIN-rail (4.5 units) It includes a module with 20 logical functions and allows manual control of the outputs with status indication through LEDs. Accessories: AC/DC shutter adapters.

    225.00 €