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TRIVUM Touchpad, 7" colour touchscreen TouchPad 7

Ref.: TouchPad 7


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Touch screen - TouchPad 7"

This 7-inch flush-mounted touchpad offers multiple applications, its main function being to provide a fluid, fast, and intuitive audio control platform.
The touchpad controls an audio amplifier, providing an extremely fast response time.
The touch screen has additional functions such as the management of lighting, roller shutters, heating and air conditioning.
It can also display information such as ip camera images (in standard jpeg format), indoor temperatures and outdoor temperatures (with additional sensor).
Other information such as weather conditions can also be displayed thanks to communication to the outside via the internet.

Additional included functions :

  • Lighting: 
    it allows to have a control of switching, and/or dimming, it also allows to control RGB LEDs and to create scenarios.
  • Roller shutters: 
    these are directly controllable via the touchpad.
  • Temperature: whether for heating or air conditioning, the temperature is controlled in comfort, eco, reduced or frost-free mode. Possibility to vary the set temperature.
  • Camera: 
    Allows a visualization directly on the screen and even a control of the camera, which is motorized (if the model is compatible).
    It is possible to communicate with the touchpad thanks to its integrated web server. This allows you to control your touchpad from a connection to your computer or your smartphone.

It can also communicate with KNX products (Thanks to a KNX IP router available in the catalog).

The 7" trivum TouchPad is designed for flush mounting. It must be connected via a CAT5 network cable to a standard POE (Power Over Ethernet) switch: the switch also provides the power supply.

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