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Trivum InStreamer

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Make every audio device Multiroom-able
The trivum InStreamer adds another audio source to your trivum multiroom system. An external audio source, like a CD- or record player, can be connected via analog RCA or digital TOSLINK cable to the InStreamer. On the other hand, the InStreamer is connected via Cat-5 Ethernet cable to your LAN and will be automatically detected and integrated into your trivum system.

Please note that the sound transmission has a small time delay, because the music signal has to be digitized, then transmitted over the network and then converted back. This period is too long for TV sound. Because the sound will then be heard with a time delay to the picture. For CD players, record players or other sources, the time offset is not a problem.

If you want to connect a TV to a trivum multiroom system, please use the analog line inputs of the respective trivum devices or with a trivum analog adapter. If your TV set only has a digital output, you can use a Trivum digital input adapter.


  • Line-In
    Assuming your external audio device has a line-out output, you can easily connect it to the trivum InStreamer with an RCA audio cable.
  • Digital-In
    With the Digital-In you can connect your external audio source directly via TOSLINK cable. TOSLINK cables have the advantage that they are immune to external influences.

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