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Zennio ZS55 - mechanism single RJ45 Socket - 8300009-8300047

Ref.: 8300009-8300047


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Zennio ZS55 - mechanism single RJ45 Socket  - 8300009-8300047

ZS55 is Zennio’s 55 x 55 mm switches and sockets series. Timeless and elegant, flush fitting with the frame for a perfect combination with Flat 55 and Tecla 55 capacitive touch switches.

 compatible frame ZS55.

compatible cover ZS55 single RJ45

Technical characteristics:

  • Cat 6A (8300047)

  • Connection method: Crimped

  • Fixing mechanism: screws and optional claws

  • Keystone type insert fixing

  • Norms EN55022, EN55024, IEC61000-4-5

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