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Zennio Epoxy temperature probe ZAC-NTC68E

Ref.: ZAC-NTC68E


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Zennio Epoxy temperature probe ZAC-NTC68E

Epoxy temperature probe

  • The temperature sensor is one of the accessories that can be connected to the analog/digital inputs of a Minibox (e.g. Minibox 45), a touch control (e.g. 8 keys) or a KNX - air conditioning interface (e.g. Klic Mitsubishi).
  • It is used to measure the temperature of the air surrounding it, thus making it possible to know the temperature of a room, and to use this value for different purposes: (thermostatic regulation of a house).
  • The Epoxy probe (ZN1AC-NTC68E) is used for operation and installation in normal conditions.
  • A 1.5m cable is included in the product packaging.

  • Weight : 0.2
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