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Zennio DIMinBOX DX2 KNX 2 channels universal dimmer actuator ZDI-DBDX2



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Zennio DIMinBOX DX2  KNX 2 channels universal dimmer actuator ZDI-DBDX2

Main characteristics:

  • 2 channels of 310W each or 1 channel of 600W at 230VAC, (2 channels 200W or 1 channel 400W at 125VAC)
  • 2 channels for R L C type loads and/or variable LED bulbs and low consumption.
  • Automatic detection of the R L C load type.
  • Choice of dimming curves for LEDs and low consumption.
  • Manual control of the dimming possible.
  • 2 analog/digital inputs.
  • Designed to be placed in any electrical box with DIN rail.
  • Integrated KNX BUS coupling unit.
  • Data backup in case of power loss.
  • Complies with EC directives

Safety instructions :

  • The equipment must only be installed by qualified electricians and in accordance with the accident prevention regulations. Do not connect the main voltage (110-230VAC) or other external voltages to the KNX Data Bus. Connecting an external voltage may endanger the electrical safety of the entire KNX system.
  • Once installed, the device must not be accessible from the outside.
  • In case of load change, disconnect the main voltage (110-230VAC).
  • Always check during installation that there is sufficient insulation between the conductors of the 110-230VAC main voltage and the conductors of the KNX Bus and its extensions.
  • Do not expose the device to rain or moisture, nor block the ventilation openings.
  • Failure to follow the installation instructions may cause fire and other damage.

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