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JUNG 1 output KNX dimmer actuator 500W 3901REGHE

Ref.: 3901REGHE


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JUNG 1 output KNX dimmer actuator 500W 3901REGHE

1 output 500 W for incandescent lamps 230 V or 1 output 7 to 100 W for LED lamps 230 V
ETS product family: Lighting
Type: Variable speed drive/dimmer

Intended use

Switching and variation:

  • incandescent lamps
  • HV halogen lamps
  • Tronic transformers with halogen lamps
  • variable inductive transformers with halogen or LED lamps
  • HT LED lamps
  • compact fluorescent lamps
  • Mounting on DIN rail in a sub-distributor according to EN 60715
  • Speed control for regulating the speed of single-phase motors (e.g. induction motors, shaded ring motors or universal motors)

Product features

  • Automatic or manual selection of the variation principle adapted to the load
  • Secure against no-load operation, short circuits and overheating
  • Short circuit message
  • Manually controllable outputs
  • Return of the switching state and the change value
  • Parameterizable variation and activation
  • Timer functions: switch-on delay, switch-off delay, staircase light switch and warning function Light scene operation
  • Locking of individual outputs manually or by bus
  • LED status display of the outputs
  • Operating hours counter
  • A power failure longer than approx. 5 seconds will deactivate the dimming actuator. Depending on the parameter setting, the connected load is measured again after the mains voltage is restored.

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