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Zennio TMD Plus 4/6/8 buttons - Capacitive Touch Switch with thermostat ZVI-TMDP



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Capacitive push button that meets the design requirements of any project thanks to its total customization.

Anyone can create unique compositions including images, icons, text.

Its personalization is based on professional printing on high resistance tempered glass.

The author's design is completed with a high quality polycarbonate frame.

Possibility of defining the function of its buttons and includes the thermostat function with integrated temperature sensor and two highly functional analog-digital inputs.

Polycarbonate frame

  • Weight : 0,16 kg
  • Colours : White, Black, Silver, Customizable
  • Command keys : up to 8
  • Power supply : KNX Bus
  • Connections : KNX Bus, Input(s)
  • Inputs : 2
  • Functions : Thermostat
  • Measure : Temperature
  • Integrated probe : Temperature
  • Monitoring application : No
  • Additional informations : Warning, this product is not plug and play, it requires programming with ETS4 or ETS5 software. LIGHT & DOMOTIQUE can handle this programming if you wish, please contact us first to get a quote.
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