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SIEMENS Touch control with backlit display QMX3.P37

Ref.: QMX3.P37


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Communicating sensors, switches and room units for KNX (S-Mode, LTE-Mode) or KNX PL-Link (for DesigoTM Total Room Automation)

Functions (depending on type) :

-Function Energy efficiency ("Green Leaf")

-Measurement of ambient temperature, CO2 concentration and humidity (CO2 and humidity sensor not present with the QMX3.P37)

-control lighting, blinds and scenarios

-PID controller for room temperature or ventilation (KNX S-Mode)

LCD display of temperature, speed, etc. -LCD display of temperature, rpm, etc.

-Labels for lighting, blinds, scenes (interchangeable, created with a Word template)

-control via 8 or 16 keys

-KNX interface (S-Mode and LTE-Mode) and KNX PL-Link (for TRA with Plug&Play function)

-Power supply via KNX/KNX PL-Link bus

-LED for displaying the switching status or as orientation indicator

Scope of application/compatibility

- Use with KNX PL-Link:

The space management controller determines the functions of the keys and the LCD display.

Measurement and indication of room temperature, humidity and CO2

Control of room functions

Display of external information (outside temperature, outside air humidity, status of a window contact)


- Use with KNX S-Mode

Measurement and indication of ambient temperature, relative humidity, CO2 concentration, etc.

Display of external information: Outside temperature, outside air humidity, status of a window contact

Room temperature control (with PID controller)

Control (threshold switch) of relative room humidity, CO2 concentration, etc.

Switch: Switching and dimming of lighting, blind control, calling up and saving of scenes

- Use with LTE KNX-Mode

LTE mode can only use information from QMX3.P30 and QMX3.P70 models.


Technical Specifications

Supply voltage:

Operating voltage range KNX/PL-Link 21... 30 V–
The room unit is supplied with power by the room controller via the KNX PL-Link bus.

Power consumption (from the room controller):
QMX3.P37 Max 10 mA at 24 V-

Operating data: Temperature sensor (all types)

Measuring element: NTC resistance thermometers

Measuring range: 0... 50 °C

Measuring accuracy (5 ... 30 °C): +/-0.8 K

Measuring accuracy (25 °C): +/-0.5 K

Display (The information displayed depends on the application installed in the Space Management Controller).

Type: Segmented LCD.
Room temperature, humidity, CO2
Setpoint adjustment
Fan speed selected manually
Control sequence
and the like


Connector type between room controller and room unit: KNX/PL-Link

Baud rate: 9.6 kBit/s

Standard KNX connectors: Wire diameter 0.8 mm, max. 1.0 mm (wire only)

Cable: 2-wire, twisted wire

Length per cable unit (from the controller to the room unit): <1000m

Cables must comply with KNX standards: see TRA installation manual, CM111043

Type of protection of the housing: Type of protection according to EN 60529: IP 30

Protection class: Insulation class III

  • Weight : 0,21 kg
  • Size (W/H/L) mm : 88,4/133,4/18
  • Colours : White
  • Command keys : up to 8
  • Power supply : KNX Bus
  • Connections : KNX Bus
  • Functions : Thermostat, Energy efficiency
  • Measure : Temperature, Moisture, CO2
  • Integrated probe : Temperature, Moisture, CO2
  • Monitoring application : No
  • Additional informations : Warning, this product is not plug and play, it requires programming with ETS4 or ETS5 software. LIGHT & DOMOTIQUE can handle this programming if you wish, please contact us first to get a quote.
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