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  • Alert button

    This transmitter switch is wireless, battery-free and therefore maintenance-free. Completely AUTONOMOUS, it sends a radio signal thanks to the energy released when pressing one of its buttons.

    The transmitter-switches can be placed at any point in the room and can be changed at will. Their adapted support makes it possible to fix them on a wall either by screws or adhesive.

    Can be mounted on the flush-mounted box (replacing a conventional switch).

    34.98 €
  • Emergency call pack

    The wireless call button allows you to stay in constant contact with the emergency services or monitoring agency.

    A simple press of the button and a call number is dialled.

    It is also possible to send an e-mail to different recipients


    This pack includes a VOIP server and an emergency call button.

    Thanks to this pack you can call for help with a single impulse on the switch.

    The server must be connected to the 220 V network and a telephone line.

    The advantages:

    • Ease of installation (wireless)
    • Ease of use (without batteries)
    • International Standard ISO/IEC 14543-3-10
    • Established technology for more than a decade

    990.00 €
  • SIEMENS Smoke detector Sidorex 60X10C

    - Powered for 10 years (minimum) by sealed lithium battery
    - Anti-insect & EMC protection grille
    - Alarm power 85dB minimum at 3 meters
    - Large Test and Mute button
    - Anti-Theft Mounting Base
    - Self-test of correct operation
    - Low battery warning tone for 30 days
    - Warranty: 5 years

    69.00 €