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Outdoor cameras

  • MOBOTIX Outdoor Hemispheric IP Camera Q26B 6MP Ethernet POE Mx-Q26B-6D016

    An elegant, ultra-compact and weatherproof dome camera. The Q26B uses a hemispheric B016 lens which is fixed and sharply focused at the factory. Thanks to its 360° allround view for capturing an entire room, a widescreen panorama function and intelligent video analysis tools, the Q26B can be used in countless scenarios.


    • Mx6 system platform 2nd generation, with MxBus, H.264 and ONVIF compatibility
    • Recording on an internal MicroSD card (4 GB as standard)
    • Equipped with shock detector and MxAnalytics as standard
    • Weatherproof and shock-resistant housing (IP66, IK06)
    • Suitable for installation on ceilings, walls or poles

    994.80 €
  • MOBOTIX Outdoor Hemispheric IP Camera D26B 6MP Ethernet POE Mx-D26B-6D036

    A compact, intelligent, weatherproof IP video system with a manually adjustable lens under a 1.5 mm polycarbonate (IK10) shock-resistant dome. The MOBOTIX D26B camera has the same innovative system platform as all other MOBOTIX x26 and x16 cameras of the latest generation.

    Classic design. Unique Technology:


    • 2nd generation Mx6 system with MxBus, H.264 and ONVIF compatibility
    • Recording on internal MicroSD card (4 GB included)
    • Available in day or night version (6 MP colour or black and white sensor)
    • Wide choice of lenses with angles from 15° to 103°.
    • Standard with vibration sensor and MxAnalytics software
    • Weatherproof and shock-proof housing (IP66, IK10)
    • Accessories for ceiling installation and vandalism protection

    994.80 €