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ELECTRO-VOICE EVID C8.2LP (pair) In-ceiling speaker

Ref.: EVID C8.2LP


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ELECTRO-VOICE  EVID C8.2LP (pair) In-ceiling speaker

 100W / 8Ω -100V (3,75/7,5/15/30W), 110°

Key Features:
• Low Profile 8" coaxial two-way
• Waveguide coupled Ti Tweeter
• Full bandwidth overload protection
• Front baffle wattage tap adjustment
• Integrated low loss matching transformer
allows for either 70v/100v or 8-ohm
• Includes tile bridge and mounting ring for
easy installation
• Integrated ported enclosure for extended
bass response
• Ideal for ceiling spaces with tight clearance
• UL and CE listed

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